Smart City Technology


Due to the wide range of application areas, the safety area must also be implemented accordingly.

With LCT – safety, you are opening up a whole new kind of traffic safety. For both pedestrians and road users. By the very flat exciting and not dazzling light, a new generation of traffic safety is guaranteed.

Of course the glow of the traffic is controlled with the corresponding pedestrian lights. It is also possible to implement a complete unit with photovoltaic and storage medium for smooth operation in the evening hours with an energy-saving mode.



Smart City Technology
Integrated Lighting Systems



For example, deck elements

This product combines the industrial production of elemental ceilings and a lighting unit, which is installed on a level surface. All lighting units are RGB-capable and reversible. This product is especially at home in areas where room height plays an important role and where lighting is used as a safety guideline.

Obviously, the architectural aspect comes to have an integrated light that is not visible when it is switched off.

This product can also be used for in-situ concrete ceilings.






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 Light on Demand – How the road lighting of Smart Paving is revolutionized!

Normal street lighting is usually switched on throughout the night. This is associated with a lot of energy consumption and produces an enormous amount of light pollution in cities.

The LightStone revolutionizes this by the possibility to illuminate the streets only on demand! This increases safety and reduces energy costs for cities.

As an example, at night, the walkway is illuminated by means of motion detectors 100 meters in front and 100 meters after a pedestrian. This could be done with Smart Paving’s!