LightStone Bodenleuchte

The LightStone floor lamp

Everybody knows the problem with floor lamps installed at a high cost that lose the desired look after a few months because of condensation water. As changing the lamp is complicated and replacements are expensive and short-lived.

LCT GesmbH from Austria has looked specifically into this issue and made research on a product that can be manufactured in a quick and easy way according to very different design specifications, being above all waterproof, durable and economical to install and use.

The LightStone floor lamp is available in white, grey and anthracite. Colours such as ochre or red can be specifically manufactured as a special order. The surface of the LightStone floor lamp is first ground and then finely blasted, which makes it easy to maintain and thus especially suitable for areas with high anti-slippery requirements. The LCT LightStone floor lamp is used for patios, garden paths, arcades, outdoor facilities as well as walkways and driveways. Its ground and polished version can be also applied to indoor areas.