Privat projects


Gardens in Styria

By combining different stones with the LightStone in 3 sizes, an individual garden design is easy to implement. On the one hand to illuminate paths and at the same time to make the terrace cozy, or to set individual accents in the garden.



Terrace in Gleisdorf

The LightStone on a terrace creates a special flair and turns evening hours into an experience.



Terrace with whirlpool in Vorarlberg

Our LightStone is also ideal for edging the whirlpool. It also creates a cozy atmosphere.


Terrace in Switzerland

With just a few LCT LightStones, every terrace changes and the view of Lake Geneva becomes something special.


Privat driveway

The lighting fixtures are controlled via the opening times of the gate system. That Indirect lighting is activated when the gate systems are opened and closed.